Good writing means taking your ideas, your topics, your messages, and putting them into an attractive style, error-free, with a professional feel and persuasive tone.

Bill Vancil has over thirty years experience in creative writing. From publishing newsletters, to writing and producing hundreds of radio commercials, to writing almost as many of pieces of content for websites.  Not to mention he is a published author, a successful blogger, and owner of a dog named Roy, who also wrote a book.

Email:  billvancil@gmail.com
Phone:  608-770-9098

Pen in Hand GraphicWe’ll write it right.

We can write your company newsletter, help you create and update a business blog, create your personal resume, even polish up your business letters. We’ll make your email documents, letters, and reports look professional and convincing. Don’t waste time writing and re-writing, and still not getting it just right. Let us do it, at an affordable price. 

One misspelled word or a misplaced comma, can cost you a contract.
One poorly worded sentence can turn off a prospective client.
A bad post on your blog, and a reader may never come back.
An ill-conceived business proposal can cost you…in time and money.
Mistakes on your resume could cost you a job interview or a promotion.

Contact us to explore how we might be able to get creative for you.
We will explain how we work, and happily give you a free estimate.

Email:  billvancil@gmail.com
Phone:  608-770-9098

 “A synonym is a word you use when you can’t spell the other one.
~ Baltasar Gracián